Pamela Gordimer Gallery

Pamela Gordimer

   I grew up an artist’s daughter.   Painting beside my mother in her studio since age six, art has been my long-time passion.  Although I started college as an Art major, I later changed to Nursing, which offered more financial security.  I graduated from Northwestern University nearly twenty-five years ago and worked for fifteen years as a Pediatric ICU Nurse.  During that time, however, I continued to hone my skills as an artist, taking classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  On occasion, I did portrait and landscape commissions.

   After moving to Fort Worth twenty years ago, I decided to pursue art more vigorously.  First, I enrolled in courses at TCU.  Then I opened a commercial art business, doing murals and canvas paintings for private and commercial clients.   I owned and operated an art gallery called Stone House Studio, which I closed when my family and I moved back to Maryland.

   My art has both realistic and abstract qualities.  The pieces are typically based on some form of nature and the landscape, reflecting my time growing up in the country’s heartland.  The simple beauty of the prairie made me look closely at light and shadow, and their effects on the landscape throughout the changing seasons.

   I consider myself an intuitive painter.  My paintings change and evolve as the brush works the canvas.   For example, the painting titled “Angels on Descent” started out as an Agave plant abstraction, before slowly becoming the finished piece.  The angels’ wings were not apparent to me until the painting was almost finished. 

   I believe that an artist has a higher calling, to share with the world what can only truly be seen through an artistic eye.   It is a unique gift to interpret the world’s beauty by bringing a blank canvas alive with brilliant color and light.